Shopping From Urdu Bazar Lahore At Very Low Price 😱

 Shopping From Urdu Bazar Lahore At Very Low Price 😱

 Urdu Bazar is a very famous bazar of Lahore. It is very famous for the stationary Products at very low rates. You can purchase all the items on wholesale rates here.

Shopping From Urdu Bazar Lahore At Very Low Price 😱 || Arisha's Color Collection || Life Hap

When I went to Urdu Bazaar, I was surprised to see the prices of books, copies, pen, pencils, all kids of colors , bags...in short every stationary item of best quality and their prices were very much low as compare to the main market rates.

From here I have purchased many colors and different things for my daughter Arisha and she liked everything the most.

I am sharing my experience of shopping here with you. You can watch my video here and do enjoy..

 میں نے اپنے بچوں کے لیے اردو بازار لاہور سے کچھ سامان خریدا۔ جو کہ انتہائی سستا اور معیاری تھا۔ آ پ بھی ہمارا وزٹ دیکھیں اور اس سے لطف اندوز ہوں۔

 Urdu bazar apni noiyat ka aik bohat he mufarid bazar hai yahan par kitabon ka khazana maujod hai, apko pens, pencils✏ , colors, copies, books, bags, har kism ka school aur classroom material chahiye ho wo bhi main bazar se kai gunah kam rate pr toh Urdu bazar best choice hai.