My Little Angels Trying To Become Little Chefs (Masha Allah)

 My Little Angels Are Trying To Become Little Chefs

My Little Angels Are Trying To Become Little Chefs

I am sharing a video in which kids are showing their excitement level.

See how suddenly my KIDS are trying to become GOOD CHEF.😎

Being parents, we always encourage our kids to participate in different household activities. 

Their participation in different activities built up their confidence.

We always listen the words that it is the responsibility of elders to encourage them to do so many secure and little tasks on daily basis and these words are 100 % correct.  

Always remember that all time prevention is bad for children.

Refraining from doing anything and everything has a bad effect on the minds of children.

Whenever possible you should have to add all of different components along with the study in order to maximize balance in your kids 🧒 lives.

I must say if there are children in the house, then entrust them with different kinds of work.
And let them do different things under your supervision.
Education is a very important thing, but with it, at home and whenever you are outside with your kids make it sure that there must be something to be done for the children.  
Pay as you go, under your supervision, give them a chance to shop ... Let them learn the legacy of bargaining.
And there are so many other things and tasks that can be done by children very well.
These small acts and jobs will bring a huge change in their mind & body and big smile on their faces, and all will be helpful to build their CONFIDENCE 😎